About us

Thai Scala Shark's Fin Restaurant has more than 50 years of experience in serving our customers with different kinds of exquisite shark's fin soup that are prepared with secret recipes handed down in the family from one generation to the next. The use of the best ingredients and fine cooking techniques of our chefs ensure that the shark's fin soup that we serve earns the best reputation in town.

David Lau, the owner, with his food science background, has the passion for fine food. His innovative factory produces over 100 world class sauces and meals, serving over 40 airlines, 400 hotels and restaurants worldwide. Thai Scala Shark's Fin Restaurtant at InterContinental Hotel, Bangkok and Siam Paragon, Bangkok are currently under his direct management.

At Thai Scala Shark's Fin Restaurant, we source the best shark's fin from all over world, unlike other shark's fin restaurants which get their supplies from local importers. Being a shark's fin expert, we have selected Miko and Porbegle sharks' fin, which contain the highest collagen content, among the eight families and over 500 species of sharks. These are the only sharks' fin we now serve in the restaurant. As shark's fin itself has no taste, soup base is the key to bring this luxury product to life. At Thai Scala, we use the traditional Chiu-chow braised soup recipes which have been improved with a health-conscious approach. Avoid using pork oil, corn starch, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other common unhealthy ingredients, we guarantee that our customers can be served with the healthiest and the most delicious shark's fin. At Thai Scala, we provide customers with a chili sauce which could add an exotic taste to our famous shark's fin soup.

In 2000, THAI Airways has selected Thai Scala Shark's Fin Restaurant to serve as one of the three cuisines to their Royal First Class passengers on board. Moreover, our restaurant continuously receives positive commendations from our customers and gastronomes from around the world. Thai Royal family, dignitaries of Thailand and foreign countries, world class businessmen and celebrities are among our frequent customers. At Thai Scala, we strive to ensure that every dish, including our desserts, would leave you with an unforgettable dining experience.

By the end of 2008, Thai Scala is opening its first boutique hotel which offers luxurious shark's fin soup as well as rejuvenating spa and massage. Our mission is to provide our customers with not only luxurious delicacies, but also a sumptuous stay in Thailand.